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After completing her first 4 weeks at Triple Care Farm, Laura* felt ready to progress through the program, hoping to begin some visits to her family. Requesting this, she wrote the below letter to the Triple Care Farm committee.

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To the committee,

I would like to move into explorer because I think I have come a long way into the program with TCF, and would love to have weekend leave with my aunty and siblings, and would also like to connect more with my family as it is fractured at the moment.

Whilst in Gateway I have achieved a lot. I have made a chopping board in woodwork with my aunt’s name engraved on it… I have also made a green and yellow bird house for my cousin Katarina, which I have just finished painting, and now I am in the middle of making my brother a lizard cage.

In music I wanted to learn a few different things such as, guitar, keyboard and piano. I have also learnt how to budget my money in the Living Skills Program and I am keen to see how I will go out in the community.  

I have completed some of my cert II Work Skills and Vocational pathways , I’m not the best at maths or learning all together, but I am trying my best. My time at Triple Care Farm flies by; as I am now in week four and I can admit I have had a few rough days where I have wanted to leave TCF, but I thought to myself, I am here for myself to get better and to get somewhere in life. The staff have been really supportive of me and helped me through a lot and I am very grateful to say how very lucky I am to have the support networks around me that TCF provide.

I would like to continue on my maths and vocational pathways as it will help me in the future with a job. Also while being here in the program I would like to do a chef course for baking, and would like to also get my RSA & RCG.

Some of the things I have found difficult is not smoking while here, also being away from my family which is very difficult as I have looked after my siblings for almost 11 years now. I have never really looked after myself…. But I have never ever been proud of myself like I am now, and that’s all because I have come here to TCF and achieved the things I need most in life.

I also would like to thank you all for accepting me into the program and how grateful I am to be here, if it wasn’t for you guys I don’t know where I would be as I have had it pretty rough these last few years and have had to grow up way too fast and look after my younger siblings so much and never had the chance to look after myself and now I do …. I am just glad I’m here….  It really means a lot to me to be here at TCF.

Thank you all kindly,



*Name changed to protect identity.


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