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At just sixteen, life had become too tough for Sean* to bear. He was using cocaine daily, had dropped out of school and was cutting himself to cope. Sean was giving up.

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Sean came from a loving family. They wanted the best for him, but Sean felt lost. He struggled at school and felt useless. Sean kept the anger and frustration he was feeling hidden, instead showing a tough exterior.

One day, an older guy at school offered Sean cocaine. He told Sean it would make life feel great. Sean agreed, thinking the drug might ‘fix things’. 

While the high left Sean feeling energetic and invincible, as it wore off the depression and frustration kicked back in. Sean began using drugs more and more, craving the numb feeling. He was addicted.

But with every high, the depression Sean felt afterwards was worse. When he struggled to find his next hit, he felt so low he began cutting himself.

After seeing the fresh cuts on Sean’s arm one day, his father knew he was in trouble. Sean was a mess and needed help.

Triple Care Farm would be the help Sean needed.

Sean craved somewhere safe where he could explore his identity and learn to manage his emotions and urges to use drugs.

At Triple Care Farm, Sean enjoyed spending time in the music room. His self-confidence grew as he developed his skills and built relationships with the farm staff and other students. He felt like he belonged.

After three months at Triple Care Farm, Sean returned to live with his family and re-enrolled at his local high school determined to complete his studies. Thanks to your support, Sean now knows how to face his challenges without drugs and self-harm.



 *Name has been changed to protect young person’s identity.


One in 3 homeless young people say they are homeless because they are unable to afford housing costs or find work...

Homeless youth are much more likely to have alcohol and drug problems, mental illness and trouble with the law...

33% of youth aged 16 and 17 years have tried at least one type of illegal substance including; cannabis, hallucinogens, amphetamines, ecstasy, opiates or cocaine...

Over 100,000 Australians are homeless on any given night, of which at least 44,000 are aged 12 to 25...