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Drew* came to Triple Care Farm earlier this year to address his daily alcohol and methamphetamine use. Drew was at “rock bottom” and was “losing everything.”

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In the months leading up to his referral to Triple Care Farm, Drew had lost several carpentry apprenticeships, and had tried to harm himself and take his own life on multiple occasions. He was disconnected from his family, and desperate to “get help” for his addiction.

During his stay at Triple Care Farm, Drew set himself several goals. He wanted to learn to cook, complete a wood work and metal work project, work on his anger problems in counselling, and improve family relationships.

The staff at TCF helped Drew develop a tool kit to support him to take committed action towards the things that were important to him as well as help him get through tough times without making them worse.

After completing his stay at the Farm, Drew reflected on the significant changes he as achieved. Thanks to your support, Drew made positive changes to his lifestyle - he began exercising and taking care of his health, was interested in counselling, and even sleeping through the night; something that would have been impossible 3 months ago.

Drew has learnt skills to help him recognise the warning signs for things going wrong and works each day to continue to grow and change. The Aftercare program helped Drew connect with community agencies and informal networks, helping him to continue to move towards his goals.

Drew is now working full time managing a branch of the family business and is strengthening personal relationships by becoming engaged to his long time and supportive girlfriend.



*name has been changed for privacy reasons

One in 3 homeless young people say they are homeless because they are unable to afford housing costs or find work...

Homeless youth are much more likely to have alcohol and drug problems, mental illness and trouble with the law...

33% of youth aged 16 and 17 years have tried at least one type of illegal substance including; cannabis, hallucinogens, amphetamines, ecstasy, opiates or cocaine...

Over 100,000 Australians are homeless on any given night, of which at least 44,000 are aged 12 to 25...