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How to Access Triple Care Farm

If you or someone you know would like to enter the Triple Care Farm (TCF) program, please read this page carefully. We refer to young people attending the Farm as ‘students’.

Eligibility Criteria

Unfortunately, there are limited places for young people at Triple Care Farm. This means TCF will only accept applications from young people who meet the below criteria. The young person must:

1) Be aged between 16 and 24 | students can’t enter before their 16th birthday and must complete the program before their 25th birthday

2) Have problematic drug and alcohol use | problematic drug and alcohol use is daily or near daily use and use of multiple types of drugs

3) Be able to participate in all aspects of the program | students must be physically, developmentally and mentally capable of participating in all activities

4) Demonstrate commitment to undertake the program, as assessed at interview | TCF is voluntary – students cannot be forced to attend or participate

5) Must be an Australian resident | must be an Australian resident, currently residing in Australia

TCF specialises in treating young people who also are suffering with mental health issues, however, this is not a requirement of entry. Outstanding court matters or legal problems will not affect the application.

Please note:

  • TCF is not a ‘boot camp’ for young people with behavioural issues
  • TCF is unable to offer detox and support students through withdrawal. This needs to be completed prior to entry.

The Application Process

1) Confirm permission to proceed | If you are applying on behalf of a young person, you must discuss the application with them beforehand and have permission to proceed with the application

2) Review eligibility criteria | Do you meet the eligibility criteria?

3) Download, fill out and email us the form below. You may also need to provide a Risk Assesment Form or other documentation to support the application.

4) Phone the Intake Coordinator | Within two weeks of submitting the application, the young person must phone the Intake Coordinator at Mission Australia's Triple Care Farm on (02) 4860 7403 between business hours on Monday to Friday to discuss the application

If the young person is deemed eligible for the program, the Intake Coordinator will set up a face-to-face interview with staff members from TCF. An assessment panel will then decide if the young person will be offered a place at TCF.

Download Application Procedures         

Download Application Form

Please fill out the application form and submit it via email (with your full name in the subject field) to:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. You’ll get confirmation once the form has been received.
If for any reason you do not hear back please call (02) 4860- 7403.

Risk Assessment Form

If you or the person you’re referring has a community-based support worker of any kind (e.g. Juvenile Justice officer, Probation & Parole officer, mental health worker, GP/doctor support, counsellor, mentor, social worker or case manager), the Risk Assessment Form needs to be completed by the most relevant support worker and sent to the TCF Intake Coordinator in addition to the online application form.

Download Risk Assessment Form

Once completed, send it to the TCF Intake Coordinator via email or post.

Other Relevant Documentation

Please send through additional documentation to the TCF Intake Coordinator that might provide further information, such as court orders or psychological reports. Make sure all documents are clearly labelled with the applicant's name.


For enquiries about the application process or the TCF program, you can call us for more info on  (02) 9219 2002

If you have already submitted an application and would like to check on its progress, phone Mission Australia's Triple Care Farm on (02) 4860 7403

To submit any documents by email, send them with the applicant's name in the subject to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

To submit any documents by post, send them to: 
Intake Coordinator
Triple Care Farm
PO Box 3070
Robertson NSW 2577


Triple Care Farm is a smoke-free program

One in 3 homeless young people say they are homeless because they are unable to afford housing costs or find work...

Homeless youth are much more likely to have alcohol and drug problems, mental illness and trouble with the law...

33% of youth aged 16 and 17 years have tried at least one type of illegal substance including; cannabis, hallucinogens, amphetamines, ecstasy, opiates or cocaine...

Over 100,000 Australians are homeless on any given night, of which at least 44,000 are aged 12 to 25...