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Known as the 'Commando', Steve Willis has become an Ambassador for Sir David Martin Foundation. 

Steve Willis

As the Foundation's newest Ambassador, Commando Steve, has committed to abseiling 135 metres down a Sydney Skycraper for Sir David Martin Foundation's annual fundraising event, Abseil for Youth. 

As one of Australia's most recognised and respected fitness experts, he has helped many people to transform their lives through health and fitness. Willis has a background in the Australian Special Forces and is also known for his role on Australia's Biggest Loser and Australian Survivor. 

Abseil for Youth raises vital funds for young people in crisis. 

As the major philanthropic partner of Mission Australia, Sir David Martin Foundation has raised over $65M since 1990. This partnership has enabled a best practice model of treatment for young people with drug and alcohol addiction. 

Young  people’s lives are saved – moving from a high  risk of suicide to seeing opportunities and building a  brighter  future.

This year, Abseil for Youth celebrates its 10th year, having raised over $2.6 million for young people with drug and alcohol addiction and mental health issues. 

Willis struggled for years with his mental health and is using his influence and expertise to help people get well. Although Abseil for Youth is a big challenge, the fear of stepping over the edge of a 135m building is likened to the bravery young people in crisis show when they ask for help. 

Show your support and make a donation to Sir David Martin Foundation to help young Australians in crisis today.

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