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Mission Australia's 2018 Youth Survey results are in. It provides valuable insights into young people's hopes, aspirations and concerns across the nation.

youth survey 400 x 400What is the Youth Survey?

Our partners at Mission Australia conducted their 17th annual survey of young people this year, aimed to identify both the values and issues of concern to young  people. In 2018, 28,286 young Australians aged 15-19 years participated in the survey.

2018 findings

Mental health is the number one issue of national concern in this year's Youth Survey.

Important to note is that 43% of young people identified mental health as the top issue facing Australia today - rising from 33% in 2017 and doubling since 2016.

When young people were asked what their top four issues of personal concern were, the top four concerns all presented strong links to mental health:

 1. Coping with stress

 2. School or study problems

 3. Mental health

 4. Body image

Young females continue to report higher levels of concern in regards to coping with stress, school or study problems, and body image than young males.

Just under three in ten young people nominated alcohol and drugs as one of the most important issues that Australia faces today.

The top three issues identified in Australia today:

 1. Mental health

 2. Alcohol and drugs

 3. Equity and discrimination

Positively, when young people were asked to rate how happy they were with their life as a whole, the majority of respondents (62.3%) indicated that they felt happy/very happy with their lives overall.

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