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Please help families struggling to cope under the weight of issues like addiction and mental illness.

online appeal 400 x 400Have you considered leaving a gift this Christmas that will have a lasting impact on youth in crisis and their families? 

We need your help to contribute to a special part of youth drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, Triple Care Farm (TCF). Your Christmas charity gift will help families in need. 

Your donation will go towards Family Rebuilding Workshops.

The Family Rebuilding Workshops are an important part of creating long term change in the lives of young people who come to the farm for help with substance addiction and mental health issues. 

When a young person is accepted into the program, their family is invited to attend a one-on-one family workshop. This is because staff at TCF recognise that it can be crucial to engage with the family or carers of young people, to increase the chance of the young person staying on the right track once they leave. 

A staff member sits down with them and equips them with the information they need to best support their young person.

This is an important exchange between staff and family, where family have the opportunity to ask questions, share more about their young person and leave feeling prepared for the future.

One family session costs $250.

We know that for every $1 invested into TCF, $3 is returned to the community.

Your gift today will have an impact beyond what you can imagine. 

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At the moment, the farm has a young girl called Grace* who is waiting to start the program. She is only 19 years old and is coping with mental health issues and an addiction to prescription medication. 

How did she end up here? It started with an onset of depression in highschool. A combination of school bullying and the pressure to complete her Higher School Certificate (HSC) meant that she didn't know how to cope. Prescription medication and alcohol began to numb her pain but only temporarily. 

Grace began to sleep most of the time and didn't have energy to join her family for dinner or go to school. 

Eventually, her mother was able to convince her to see a counsellor which is where she heard about TCF. "I was scared of the idea of going to rehab but I was more scared of staying on the path I was on."

It has been years since Grace has felt hope for her life. This is a big step for her. You can be there to help her and her family this Christmas.

Grace's family will attend a Family Rebuilding Workshop and she will have the best chance to stay on the right track when she returns to the community. Her goal is to complete her HSC equivalent at TAFE.

Please consider leaving a kind donation today to give youth in crisis and their families hope to heal this Christmas.

We couldn't do it without you. Thank you. 


*Name changed to protect young person's identity

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