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Recent results show that your investement in youth in crisis produces strong and lasting outcomes.

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Your support gives young people the opportunity to rise above their issues and change their lives for good. 

Here is a snapshot from 2017 research of the impact that you have on young people who seek help for complex issues.

Triple Care Farm Rehabilitation Program

Presenting issues for young people at intake:

- 100% were engaged in chronic substance use

- 84% were unemployed

- 62% had attempted suicide

- 31% were homeless

- 68% were involved in criminal behaviour

Post treatment:

- 92% were in stable housing

- Zero suicide attempts

- Only one young person had a new contact with the criminal justice system

- 51% started applying for employment

- Only 14% reported a return to using substances at a ‘chronic’ level. This significantly exceeds the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA)’s findings that the average rate of success post alcohol and drug treatment is 40% - 60%.

Triple Care Farm Withdrawal Program

Presenting issues for young people at intake:

- 100% chronic substance use

- 86% suicidal ideation

- 61% had a history of hospital admissions

- 81% disengaged with employment and education

- 32% were homeless

Post treatment:

- 100% stable housing

- Only 23% with chronic substance use

- 9% suicidal ideation

- 9% were admitted to hospital

- 55% in employment and education

These are strong results for a complex cohort of young people. Thank you for giving youth in crisis the chance for a brighter future. 

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