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Troy* has hit a critical fork in the road. Will you be there for Troy when he needs you the most? 

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Today, we are turning to you to help save a young life in desperate circumstances.

To inspire your generosity, a small group of donors have pledged to match your donation to this campaign to help us reach our goal of $150,000.

Don’t miss this chance for your donation to go twice as far.

You were 15 years old once – can you remember how it felt? It’s an impressionable age, full of experimenting and exploring your identity.

Well, this was Troy’s age when his parents eventually got a divorce. It came at the end of years of family breakdown and by the time the divorce took place, Troy was not coping well.

Sadly, Troy had a difficult relationship with his father who “was never really there for me.” On top of his parents always fighting, he felt neglected by his father.

Shouting, door-slamming, verbal abuse…this is the home environment that he grew up in. 

Your donation today can help us reach our goal to get Troy and young people like him the help that they need at youth drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, Triple Care Farm.

You have an opportunity to help young peoples’ futures to not be defined by their past.  

Our anonymous donors will match every dollar, up to $73,000. If you donate quickly your donation will instantly double.

By the time the divorce happened, Troy was already feeling quite unstable. He didn’t know who to turn to or how to cope and wanted to numb the pain. So he turned to drugs.

At first he started smoking marijuana. Together with alcohol, this was his main ‘go to’ drug for a couple of years.  

Then he found heroin.

“The first time I did heroin it felt like a warm, soft hug.”

It was easy for Troy to slip away and develop a drug habit - his mum didn’t even notice in the beginning. Heroin instantly relieved his pain and made him emotionally numb. Either he would go to a big park near his house and shoot up in the bush or shut himself in his room, turn the music up and take another hit.

Troy started skipping school and, before long, he was completely hooked on the drug. He began selling drugs to support his addiction.

The cravings were intense. Within 6 months he was taking heroin daily.

At this point he was 18 years old and had dropped out of school. 

One day, while Troy was out, his mother discovered a syringe in his bedroom and when Troy arrived home that night, she was furious. 

This is when Troy decided to leave home. He packed up his things and drove away. He was officially homeless.

Did you know that around 61% of young people who come to Triple Care Farm have a history of homelessness?

I was at Triple Care Farm recently and was blown away by how many of the young people were homeless when they arrived.

Each one of them had been caught in a destructive cycle before they found the farm. They had little hope. Without Triple Care Farm, they were likely to continue down a dark path…a future of life-long addiction.  

What I witnessed profoundly impacted me, and the urgency for us to take action now. We can be there for young people at the critical point when they ask for help.

I came back vowing to challenge myself to raise more. I want to ask you to challenge yourself too.

To share with Troy’s exact words,

“Addiction is pure torture, the constant work to try and find my next fix, find anything that can help me escape how I feel about myself. No matter how high or drunk I get, nothing ever takes the pain away, only adds to it. I’m slipping further and further away and don’t know how to stop it. I feel like I am on a boat sinking and Triple Care Farm is the life ring that can save me.”

Please show Troy that there is still hope. He can take the path to recovery, but he needs you to make that path possible. 

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A few days before visiting a GP, he had overdosed on a cocktail of drugs.

Troy had hit rock bottom. And he was scared.

Thanks to the referral from the GP, Troy found Triple Care Farm and felt a glimmer of hope. The farm is exactly what he needs.  

Triple Care Farm cannot help young people like Troy without your generosity!

If you want to make a difference, make a tax deductible donation today and your impact will be doubled. Your gift of $50 = $100.

We’ll stretch every dollar you give so you help the greatest number of young people in the most life-transforming way.

This is what Troy said when he met Dona, the intake officer at the farm:

“I have been on this road of self-pity and hopelessness and it’s been hard to take a different path. If I keep going down the path that I’m on, I know what will happen to me.

The other path scares me. It’s unknown territory. It’s having to look deep inside myself and admit my faults. It’s accepting help and finding out that there might be something better for me.

Getting the help I need when I feel so unworthy is a big obstacle I’ll need to overcome.”

Troy is choosing to take the plunge and change the direction of his life. He his scared and he can’t do it without you.

It’s not every day that you get to be a part of giving someone a second chance at life.

Today you can be that person! Take advantage of this exciting chance to have your generosity matched dollar for dollar.

Can you please make a donation today to ensure that Troy can have hope for a brighter future?

There are currently 16 people on the waiting list at Triple Care Farm who have accepted that they need help, just like Troy.

With your support, their lives can be transformed at a crucial age. Thank you for making this possible.

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Kind regards,

Chris Wilborn

SDMF General Manager 


*Name changed to protect young person's identity 


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