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Captain Will Martin RAN (Rtd) delivered a heartfelt speech at the ANZAC Day Dawn Service - North Bondi RSL.

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A large crowd gathered quietly near Bondi Beach in the pre-dawn darkness - ready to remember and honour the sacrifice of those who fought for us all those years ago. To acknowledge and respect their families and loved ones, and to also show support to those who are facing the consequences of war to this day. 

Captain Will Martin RAN (Rtd) shared with the hushed crowd, memories of the first Dawn Service he attended - aged eight, with his father, Sir David Martin. 

In his speech, he mentioned:

" My Dad is no longer with us. He died in 1990, three days after standing down as the 34th Governor of NSW due to a service related illness. He’d seen active service in Korea, so as much as my story is about 3 generations of Navy men it's equally about 3 Martin women, two of whom became war-widows, prematurely left behind to grieve the loss of their loved one.  Thankfully Dad left behind an extraordinary legacy which makes the Martin family very proud every day. It’s the Sir David Martin Foundation which has been brilliantly helping young people in crisis for over 27 years. The values of “service and sacrifice” remain in his legacy even today. "

Ending his speech, Will encouraged us to repeat the words "I will remember them. Lest I forget."

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