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There were tears of joy at Triple Care Farm (TCF) Graduation on Friday.


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It was an opportunity for the young graduates to reflect on how far they have come and for their loved ones to celebrate with them.

When young people decide that they need help and enter the gates of TCF for the first time, they are often scared, unsure and without much hope.

TCF welcomes them with open arms and helps them to see a life without substance abuse – a life with hope and opportunity.

Please remember that this is only possible because of your generous support.

On Graduation day, it was announced that seven graduates couldn’t make it to the ceremony due to work commitments! This received a round of applause.

A mother got up and shared heartfelt words about her daughter Harriet’s* journey to TCF.

“Six months ago we never thought we would see this day.”

The mother shared that one night, in a moment of desperation; she took Harriet’s ice pipe, threw it on the road and drove over it again and again.

She wanted her daughter back and felt helpless. Drugs had taken over.

This was until one day; Harriet accepted that she needed help. It was her decision to come to TCF and get the support she needed.

Today Harriet is happy and healthy because she received the support she needed at the right time. She is on the path to re-build her life - one without the destructive grip of drugs.

The mother shared with joyful tears in her eyes, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger and I think that this Christmas is going to be great! You gave me my daughter back and for that I’ll be eternally grateful.”

Sadly there will be many more young people desperate for help next year. With your support, they will get the help that they need turn their lives around.

Thank you for supporting a life-changing program.


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*Young person's name changed to protect identity 

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