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SDMF currently supports over 200 young people each year, thanks to you. We are a Charitable Trust with DGR and Charity Tax Concession status. Mission Australia is the Foundation’s Trustee and partner.


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Key Statistics on Drug & Alcohol use in Australia

  • About 8.5 million (43%) of people in Australia aged 14 or older had used an illicit drug in their lifetime (including misuse of pharmaceuticals) according to the findings of the National Drug Strategy Household Survey (NDSHS) 2016
  • Rates of methamphetamines as a primary drug of concern continued to rise into 2016 causing significant long term effects such as: anxiety, violent behaviour, paranoia and hallucinations (NIDA, 2017)
  • Rates of young people reporting a co-existing mental health disorder has increased considerably in the last four years. Mental health presentations can pose further barriers to recovery for young people
  • In 2016, over one in three young people presented with recent experiences of psychosis, or other psychotic illnesses.
The holistic approach to treatment, addressing addiction, mental health and whatever other challenges young people have, whilst helping them make sustainable change, to re-enter education or get and keep a job, a safe place to live, healthy personal relationships, is what sets Triple Care Farm and SDMF apart from other NGOs in this space.  

Triple Care Farm

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TCF is an award-winning residential rehabilitation facility in Robertson, NSW. It provides 16-24 year olds with treatment and support for drug and alcohol addiction and mental illness. 

  • About 120 young people are supported each year. The average age of the young people is 19 years old - three quarters male, one quarter female
  • TCF is in high demand, receiving about 200 applications a year with 6000 + enquiries 
  • Long term outcomes are evident with a six month follow up finding considerable decreases in substance abuse, criminal activity, hospitalisations and homelessness as well as increases in employment, education levels and community involvement
TCF costs $2.7m to run annually - that averages $27,000 per student's stay. SDMF provides $1.8m to TCF (2/3rds). The remaining funds come from government and Mission Australia donors.

David Martin Place

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Since TCF was only a rehab facility and couldn’t provide medical support for physical withdrawals from substances, SDMF worked hard to fund a separate youth drug detox and withdrawal centre, David Martin Place (DMP), which opened in June 2017. 

DMP is built on the same property as TCF however the programs focus on different stages of a young person’s addiction. It serves a different cohort and thus will be able to help an additional 100 young people to overcome addiction and lead healthy lives.

It is the first detox facility of its kind in New South Wales offering:

  • 28 days of residential care and treatment
  • Counselling
  • Case management
  • Medical support
  • Family support
  • Education activities
  • Nicotine replacement therapy
  • Up to 6 months aftercare support
DMP costs around $1.6m per year to run, averaging $16,000 per young person. SDMF currently funds the entire program, though a 50% funding submission is currently with the NSW Government.


SDMF’s annual income is around $4m. Around $3m is distributed to the youth programs; the rest is kept for future funding or is spent on general operating costs. Our balance sheet currently sits at approximately $12m in current assets and $3m in non-current assets.

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