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Christmas can be a sad and painful time of year for many people. Thanks to your support, families have the opportunity to mend and join in the celebration. 


Tim* is one of the students currently at the Triple Care Farm – he’s been there for 3 weeks and is 18 years old. 

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Four years ago at school, Tim was introduced to marijuana. Apart from his music subject, he didn’t exactly thrive in the school environment. He ended up mixing with a group of friends who introduced him to drugs. At first they would hang out after school and on weekends, mostly smoking pot and binge drinking.

Tim had a life changing moment when he was at a friend’s 16th birthday party. One of his friends “yanked a mirror off the wall” and laid it down flat on the coffee table. He unfolded a crumpled packet and poured out its contents onto the mirror: a mound of crystal methamphetamine. They chipped at the crystals and each had a go at “smoking it in a makeshift pipe.”

This was the first time Tim tried crystal methamphetamine (or “ice”). He didn’t know it yet but this drug was going to take him down a very dark path…

His life then became a mission to “chase the high” that he first encountered that night.

“Your body is drained, but your mind is wide awake. You can go four or five days with no sleep. You can’t eat at all."

Tim has explained that ice makes you feel “bright and shiny” but it also makes you paranoid, incoherent and both destructive and pathetically and relentlessly self-destructive.

In the key developmental years of his life, Tim was existing but not living.

Tim admits that his biggest regret about getting addicted to drugs is not just that it has destroyed years of his life, but that he has hurt his family so much in the process.

Before finding Triple Care Farm, Tim had attempted to detox from drugs five times but failed each time because he didn’t have the right support. The pain and nausea was so great he couldn’t detox at home – each attempt was excruciating. “I’ve punched a couple of holes in my bedroom in the process.”

Finally, Tim ended up going to an adult detox facility. Whilst scary, it provided him with enough structure to be able to detox and be eligible for Triple Care Farm.

For the past few years Christmas has been a difficult time for Tim. It has been a reminder of him ‘breaking’ his family.

Last Christmas Tim was getting high on ice in his friend’s granny flat. They had blocked out the windows with newspaper and watched TV all day.

We asked Tim whether he has a Christmas wish list. Rather than taking us through a list of gadgets or gifts that most teenagers would wish for, he said “my biggest wish is for my family to all be together and not be worrying about me.”

This is why Triple Care Farm is Tim’s last hope.

Below is a letter from Tim's mother that she added to Tim's the application to youth drug and alcohol rehabilitation program, Triple Care Farm. She has kindly let us share it with you. Thank you for supporting a life-changing program – for the young people themselves, but also for their families.

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 *Name changed to protect young person's identity


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