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What impact did your support have on young people at Triple Care Farm in 2016?


Last year you helped 101 young people who were in crisis to turn their lives around. Each of those 101 young people has a story – many of which involve a lot of pain and trying circumstances. But your support gave them the opportunity to rise above their issues and change their lives for good…away from the grips of substance addiction.

So what are the 2016 outcomes from Triple Care Farm (TCF)?

To paint a picture, the condition of the young people on intake in 2016:                                                                              

  • 100% presented with chronic substance misuse                                                  
  • 72% had thought about taking their own life  
  • 93% had mental health issues
  • 35% reported psychiatric mental health disorders
  • 92% were unemployed
  • 46% had a history of homelessness
  • 78% had experienced family breakdown
  • 31% had not completed their year 10 schooling
  • 69% had recent criminal activity

Outcomes of the young people who went to TCF in 2016:

  • 69% reported that they had achieved their substance use goals six months after completing the program
  • 67% went on to pursue education and/or employment opportunities
  • 96% were in stable accommodation six months after completing the program
  • Only 4% reported criminal activity six months post program

Overall 2016 was a successful year for TCF. Young people were able to overcome huge barriers (complex trauma histories; mental health difficulties; criminal activity; and homelessness) and substance dependency, to regain control of their lives.

Long term outcomes were evident with a six month follow up finding considerable decreases in substance abuse, criminal activity, hospitalisations, and homelessness as well as increases in employment, education levels and community involvement.

None of this is possible without your commitment and support, so thank you.


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