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Sasha's letter of thanks: It has been five months since my sister has been home from Triple Care Farm. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you! 


AdobeStock 126316804 Sasha and Olivia 400 x 400I finally have my little sister back and it’s all thanks to you.

Growing up, we were always close – sharing in each other’s lives, having each other’s back. But this all changed when Olivia started taking drugs towards the end of high school. My family and I copped the brunt of it, there’s just no other way of saying it.

The sad thing about Olivia’s drug addiction is that she was bullied pretty badly in school…this is how it all started. But no matter what my parents or I tried, we just couldn’t seem to find a way to help her. She’d already changed schools once before but the bullying continued on social media. I know for a fact that this is the reason she went off the rails.

I remember catching her smoking marijuana for the first time near our local skateboarding park. I was so angry with her and tried to talk to her about it but she didn’t want to hear it. Pretty soon after that she began taking ice and was addicted straight away.

There was a solid two year period where Olivia wasn’t home much at all. The times she was at home there would be arguments and mostly she just locked herself in her room.

Mum would worry sick when Olivia didn’t come home at night. The past few years are all basically a blur of arguments, worrying, desperation and anxiety. I felt like an only child.

I will never forget the night Olivia came into my room and just started crying. Her exact words were, “I can’t do this anymore Sasha…I just can’t do it.” She had been researching online for rehabilitation programs and found Triple Care Farm.

Long story short, she has not gone back to her old ways since coming home. You all did so well at looking after her at the Farm and have sparked new life into her.

I just had to write this letter to express how thankful I am that I have my sister back. She’s not mingling with those friends anymore and I think that leaving high school and enrolling into TAFE has really helped her to move on from those dark years and start a new life.

Thanks so much to everyone who was a part of helping Olivia (and our family!) to recover from years of pain.


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