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Anna Martin Beaumont’s Kokoda Trek is fast approaching. We sit down with her to find out how she is preparing.

Anna Bbeaumont PreparesHow are you feeling about your upcoming trek to Kokoda?

I have mixed feelings about the upcoming trek. On one hand I’m really excited but also a bit apprehensive. I guess it is the fear of the unknown.

What is your training plan for the trek?

At the moment I’m in the gym twice a week with a trainer doing cardio , boxing, weights and flexibility. The trainer is also giving me tips on how to stretch at the end of each trekking day. After work my husband and I walk up and down the hills in Sydney Park. Alex (SDMF General Manager) is also keen to go on training treks when we can co-ordinate.

How do you think the challenges you will face, will relate to the young people in our services?

I think for most of the 8 days I will be hungry, tired, disengaged from my family and usual connections. There will be highs and lows and days that I don’t want to get out of bed and face the day. I would imagine that a lot of our young people have these feelings. During my recent visits to the programs I have seen the students show determination and a willingness to stick at it until they achieve the goals they have set themselves. So I think we have a bit in common. 

What does Lady Martin think about your bravery?

She is always concerned for my safely and wellbeing so probably wouldn’t have chosen the trek for me, but she knows that I am supporting the foundation and challenging myself. She wasn’t that keen on the abseil either.

How are your friends and family helping you get ready for the trek?

With the support of all my lovely friends I have met and exceeded my fundraising target. They are getting used to seeing me traipsing around the neighbourhood in my boots. My sister has chosen and bought some great trekking clothes for me. My brother, husband and sons are giving moral support and pep talks.

Have you bought all your equipment (boots, bags, etc)?

My boots are becoming more comfortable each day and are very good quality. My colleagues Alex, Maddy, Cath and Joce surprised me with a top of the range backpack which was much appreciated. The bright purple colour will allow me to be seen from any distance, in case I get lost.

How do you think you will feel once you step across the finish line?

I can’t tell you for sure, but I imagine it will be a mixture of relief and disbelief, along with the emotions related to the ANZAC day ceremony. I would think I will make some friends along the way. You never know I might discover a love of trekking in jungles.

But I doubt it.

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