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Despite the rain and the cold, December 15th was a heart-warming day at Triple Care Farm where a record number of guests came along to the Student Graduation Ceremony. 


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 This is the time of year when young people who have completed the  residential rehabilitation program at the Farm are able to celebrate  how far they’ve come with family, friends and all those who have  supported them.

 A pivotal moment of the ceremony was when a father spoke about  his son, Jared’s* journey with substance addiction. Jared has  surely  come a long way, now working full time with ambitions to  start his  own business. Jared’s father was radiating sentiments of  relief, joy  and pride as he spoke, thankful to have his son back.

 Some kind SDMF supporters who joined us on the day expressed:

 “It was a great day, a wonderful celebration of the students’  achievements, and not even the cold and wet could dampen  spirits.”

 “Always the most inspiring thing to go to.”

Two talented and brave students performed musical items, sharing their talents and skills developed during their time at the Farm. One of the songs, “Shrapnel” was written by one of the students and practiced during her time in the music program at TCF. Their musical talents helped to close the graduation as the students played an upbeat cover of “Riptide” by Vance Joy.

This year SDMF was again able to present scholarships to students to support them in further education and employment. Lady Martin had the honour of handing over the certificates.

Because of your support, Triple Care Farm is able to continue transforming lives year after year, bringing hope to young people and their families.

Thank you to everyone who contributed to such an inspiring day- a special shout out to AllianceBernstein for running the delicious barbeque, to Rapid Relief Team for providing bottled water and to David Goodin for the delicious Lindt chocolates. Until next year! 

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