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ICAP Charity Day gives away an entire day's revenue and commissions each year to support charities across the world.


Ambassadors 400 x 400SDMF had the privilege of being a beneficiary of the ICAP Charity Day on December 7th 2016. This annual event is ICAP’s unique way of giving back to the community and supporting charities around the world. It was fun to say the least and a great success for all who were involved, globally!

So how does it work? ICAP generously gives away the entire day’s revenue and commissions to a select few charities to support them in their work. Charity Ambassadors are encouraged to come along on the day and, with the guidance of brokers, have the opportunity to make trades over the phone themselves.

The morning started off with a bang as, this year, the global media coverage took place at the Sydney ICAP office. This was a great opportunity for our Ambassadors to share information about SDMF and the importance of helping youth in crisis, alongside the Foundation’s staff who were there too.

It was very entertaining to see the brokers hard at work in different team dress ups- Star trek, Ghostbusters and Tom Cruise tributes were some of the themes for the day.

Together ICAP offices raised $10.3 million on the day. This totals about $170 million since the Charity Day began in 1993.

We are grateful to have been a part of the day and thank ICAP for supporting SDMF and youth in crisis. Thank you to Matthew Mitcham, Caroline Pemberton, Mark Klopper, Captain William Martin (Rtd.) and Jude & Lynette Bolton who came along and contributed to a successful day.  

Megan Meyer

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