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The launch of the Sounds of the Street student album 'Bring Back the Lab Coat', held on Thursday 4th February 2016, saw young people share their musical talents and achievements upon completing the program run through Mission Australia's Creative Youth Initiative.

SOTS launch main photo

The Sounds of the Street program run through Mission Australia’s Creative Youth Initiative teaches participants to compose, perform and record music, and eventually produce professionally mixed and mastered CDs of their own songs. 

On Thursday 4th February, at the Red Rattler in Marrickville, the students who completed the SOTS program at the end of 2015 shared their achievements and skills at the launch of their Album/CD – Bring Back the Lab Coat. Students performed both individually and as groups, some pushing their comfort zones to perform on stage while others thrived on the opportunity to share their work and music with the crowd. Many shared their thoughts, feelings and past through the lyrics and songs they have written and performed.

It was wonderful to witness the achievements of each of the young people on the night.

On the night, SDMF's Alex Green presented several of the young people with scholarships on behalf of the Foundation. These scholarships will assist the students as they approach further education and career development. 

Thanks to your support, each one of these young people were able to develop their musical ability, completing the SOTS program in a safe, non-judgmental environment, free from abuse, drugs and violence and supported by case-management to address their needs in areas such as education, mental health, safety, economic wellbeing and housing. 

See the video of the young people performing their song RollCall below:


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