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Towards the end of 2015, Channel Seven’s Melissa Doyle visited Triple Care Farm to learn about the program and what it means to the young people who turn to the service for help.


On the day, Mel met Saige, a young woman who has since graduated from Triple Care Farm after completing the 12 week program run by Mission Australia. Prior to Triple Care Farm, Saige, like many young people, struggled with an addiction to ice.

As Saige took Mel on a tour of the farm, showing her the facilities of the place she called home for 3months, she chatted about the importance of the Triple Care Farm program.

“If I didn’t change when I did, I would have been either dead or in jail.” Says Saige.

A recent SROI analysis completed by Social Ventures Australia, together with Sir David Martin Foundation and Mission Australia, measured the sustained changes and long term positive outcomes on the lives of the young people like Saige, their families and community. For every $1 invested into Triple Care Farm, a return of $3 is delivered.

Triple Care Farm is seeing more and more young people like Saige presenting with ice addiction & suicidal ideation increasing the demand for services like TCF. 

Since her time at Triple Care Farm, Saige’s relationship with her family has improved and she has returned to building her career in the hospitality industry.

Mel Doyle presented a story based on her visit to Triple Care Farm on Seven’s Sunday Night. View the clip here: http://bit.ly/1PJJ1wW


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