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On Thursday 17 December 2015, hundreds of well-wishers joined dozens of young people at Triple Care Farm to celebrate their achievements in transforming their lives. But the day was made extra special by an announcement…    

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The audience of 300 heard from Graduating students about their challenges, their successes and how the Farm had helped them change – for good.   We also heard a harrowing but inspiring story from a mother of a graduate who candidly shared her family’s journey, and her pride and delight that they “not only got our son back, he came back better than before.”

Graduation day was uplifting, enjoyable and a wonderful celebration of how much these young people had achieved – and of how many people had helped play a role in their journey.

But the day was made extra special by an announcement…    Federal Member for Gilmore, Ann Sudmalis MP announced that a provision for $2million had been made under the National Ice Strategy launched recently - towards the detox centre to be built onsite at Mission Australia's Triple Care Farm next year. 

This outstanding commitment comes after more than a year of discussion between Ms Sudmalis, Sir David Martin Foundation, Mission Australia and the Department of Health.   

Through collaboration between Mission Australia’s experts in practice and with the support of the Sir David Martin Foundation, a purpose built detox facility is planned on site as part of the Triple Care Farm Service.  The detox facility will create a safe, supportive program for a new cohort of young people, earlier in their addiction. The 10 bed facility will cater for 100 new additional clients annually and will double the current treatment capacity of Triple Care Farm. The proposed model and facility will be a first of its kind in the state.

The Detox facility will include a 28 day residential program which will be centred on a substance withdrawal and detoxification program that integrates a medical and therapeutic model, and a 6 month aftercare model to ensure successful reintegration into the community and that changes are sustained in the long term.

With Sir David Martin Foundation support, Mission Australia’s Triple Care Farm has been providing successful treatment for young people affected by methamphetamine. However given the epidemic of methamphetamine use amongst young people, there is a greater need to provide support for young people in the early stages of their use and addiction.

In order to combat a drug or alcohol addiction, a process of detoxification, (detox), is required. Detox is a process by which the body purges itself of addicted substances, it can be an extremely painful and traumatic process and depending on the substance involved, can take several weeks. In extreme cases, detox can result in death. In NSW at this stage, detox options are limited with low success rates amongst young people particularly in home detox options.

The Sir David Martin Foundation has been providing considerable financial support to Triple Care Farm for many years.  The Sir David Martin Foundation has agreed to act as a funding partner to secure the funds to develop the Detox facility. 

By standing together, the Sir David Martin Foundation and Mission Australia can support young people and their families to recover from the devastating impacts that substance issues can have on a young person’s life.


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