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Marking the end of 2015, yesterday saw young people who this year challenged their addiction and abuse of drugs and alcohol graduate from Triple Care Farm – an award winning, residential rehabilitation and treatment program.

RS TCFGrad 2015

Triple Care Farm, funded by Sir David Martin Foundation thanks to the support of generous members of our community, and run by Mission Australia, saves the lives of young people aged 16-24 years, from all over Australia. Situated in Robertson NSW, the farm offers young people both drug/alcohol rehabilitation and mental health services – providing them the support they need to address these issues and assist young people in returning to education and training to find pathways to employment and a healthy productive life.

Students and parents shared the journey they have experienced and the challenges they have faced through addiction and mental health issues and the positive sense of hope and pride now felt by many as we celebrated the achievement of each of the young people who completed the three month residential program in 2015.

Speaking to the audience, a student’s mother explained that while her son was using, ‘the whole family suffered from his addiction’. While the journey through her son’s rehabilitation was not easy for anyone, she shared her joy and relief with pride as she said, “we not only got our son back, he came back better than before.” She credited the support received through Triple Care Farm to be the reason her son is still with them today.

This moving story is only one of the 155 young people supported through Triple Care Farm this year. The farm supports young people suffering from substance addiction, many with a co-occurring mental illness, to make real and lasting changes in their lives.

Alex Green, General Manager of Sir David Martin Foundation said "It is wonderful that we are able to share this day with supporters of Sir David Martin Foundation who make funding Triple Care Farm possible. Together we are so supportive of the young people and their families and it is a good reminder to all of them that they are not alone in this journey.”

In 2015, there has been a concerning trend in the increase in numbers of young people presenting to the Farm with a history of use of the drug ice. In line with this increased use of methamphetamine, TCF is also continuing to see high numbers of young people presenting with complications or other co-occurring issues relating to methamphetamine use.

“Yesterday’s graduates should be all proud for having to overcome these difficulties. I am so delighted to see them graduate today – it has been an honour to see these changes take place in the participants. I wish them all the best of luck for their futures,” Gabriella Holmes, Triple Care Farm’s Program Manager said.

The graduation ceremony included student musical performances as well as the awarding of scholarships from community and corporate donors that will help this years graduates achieve their goals in further study and employment.


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