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Did you know that one out of every hundred young Australians, will try “ice”. Sadly, many will become hooked early on. Even sadder, is that there are no safe and suitable “detox” options for a young person, who wants to rid their body of this dreadful and highly addictive substance.

While Triple Care Farm’s rehabilitation program is the best place for young people with addiction issues and complex needs to rehabilitate, it is not a detox facility. The Farm cannot safely manage the withdrawal process and deal with the violent outbursts and symptoms that occur as the body purges drugs from its system.

Detoxification is a shorter and earlier intervention, which currently, can only be done in adult facilities, hospitals or at home—all of which are ineffective and inappropriate for young people.

“I tried detoxing at home, but that didn’t work because I was surrounded by the same friends and temptations were all around. Then I tried a hospital detox, but I really didn’t feel comfortable there amongst hardened users and criminals. I was just 16 at the time.” –Jamie

As a result, so many young people fall through the cracks each day. But there is a solution, and you can help to make it a reality. Together, we can double the capacity at Triple Care Farm.

So, what is the solution?

Together with our partners at Mission Australia, we are proposing to build a 10 bed, holistic medical Detox Centre on site at the Farm. This state of the art facility will allow 100 young people a year to escape addiction earlier, before it ruins their life.

“If I could have successfully detoxed sooner, I would have spared my family from the horrors of my ice addiction. I wouldn’t have a criminal conviction which will now stay with me for life.” - Daniel

We anticipate that this facility will meet the needs of many young people who are still in school, at university, or in jobs and whose drug use hasn’t necessarily ruined their life, but if it is not addressed quickly, will.

Young people like Martha...

Last month, we were saddened to hear a story about Martha, a friend of one of the Triple Care Farm students who had left an adult detox facility early, because she was intimidated by the other patients and didn’t feel safe. She tried detoxing at home several times, but didn’t work, for the obvious reason that she didn’t have the necessary support.

Feeling alone and helpless, the young woman man took her own life. It’s even more devastating to know that only a short year ago, Martha had been accepted into university to study nursing.

These stories are not uncommon.

And they are so sad, because we know that with the right support in place, young people could successfully get these dangerous substances out of their systems and get back on track.

“This state of the art, unique and holistic Detoxification Centre will provide round the clock medical supervision and all the support services necessary to help young people effectively withdraw.” -Gabriella Holmes, TCF Manager

With your help, we could make sure that 100 more young people a year, get the assistance they require. This new Detox Centre on site at Triple Care Farm will lead the way in service delivery for young people with drug and alcohol issues.

We need your generous support to  bring this vision to life.

We already have operational funding in place, and $1M secured towards the $3M build. We are just $2Million dollars away from making this new Detox Centre a reality.

“With more than half the money needed already donated, we now invite all Sir David Martin Foundation supporters to contribute to the building campaign and help us raise the remaining $2Million dollars.” -Lady Martin

For $1000 you can pledge your support by “buying a brick”. For $5000, you will become a “VIP Sponsor” and your name will go on the Honour Wall, or for $10,000 consider becoming a “Building Partner” and receive special updates from the first cohorts of students, witnessing the immediate impact of your contribution. There are also other major partnership opportunities; please call Anna Martin Beaumont on (02) 9219 2079 if you are interested in discussing this further.

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One thing is for sure; we must act soon, before “ice” destroys our communities.

Please consider making this important investment today.

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