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Cyclists, including our CEO, Alex Green and our Ambassador, Andrew Lock, battled exaustion and self-doubt on Sunday as they attempted to climb one of Australia’s toughest vertical inclines,  in our inaugural 145 Classic: Ride for Youth charity cycle event, raising over $40,000 for Triple Care Farm.

The sharp climb started near the end of the 145km cycle from Sydney, down the iconic Sea Cliff Bridge into Wollongong, through Kiama and finally up the Jamberoo Pass, before reaching the finish line at Triple Care Farm.

Andrew Lock, who is Australia’s most accomplished high-altitude climber admitted that, “the climb up from Jamberoo up to Robertson was absolutely brutal. It went from idyllic 30 degree weather, to hail and storm conditions up the mountain.”

The challenge demanded that all riders come face to face with their breaking point and attempt to push through it. The experience parallels that of the young people they are supporting at Triple Care Farm, who are facing the biggest challenge of their lives, as they attempt to overcome their addictions.

“Our challenge was only for one day, whereas the goals and obstacles that the Triple Care Farm attendees face are far more serious and long lasting.  The ride forced us all to draw deeply upon our commitment to achieve the goal.  As it became increasingly tough towards the end, I found it worthwhile to focus on shorter-term goals – the next bend, the hill top – all leading to the final big objective of finishing the ride.  I imagine that this is a method used by many of the young people in rehab as they work towards the end goal of getting their lives on track.  It must seem almost unachievable at first, but by focusing on and achieving smaller goals along the way, they gradually succeed in their main objectives,” said Andrew. 

The event has made waves on social media and is set to become a bucket list event, with cyclists from all over the country registering for next year’s challenge.

“This experience is not for your average rider. We’ve had some A-grade riders struggle today. These are riders that have done the Pyrenees, the Alp d’Huez… some serious climbs, and they found it tough today. I think this will be the charity cycle event that will have people training for it,” says Alex Green, CEO, Sir David Martin Foundation.

To register your interest for the 2016 145Classic: Ride for Youth, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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