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‘Street life’, the feature track on the new Sounds of the Street CD, tells the life story and struggles of one of the Creative Youth Initiative students whose parents died in a car crash when he was a teenager, and his subsequent descent into drugs, crime and life on the streets.

What the streets sound likeAlthough there is a lot of darkness, the song and final verse has a sense of hope and a tenacity to keep striving to improve his life. This sense of hope, is a resounding theme of the album, entitled, “From the Ground Up”, which features 29 tracks from last year’s CYI Sounds of the Street students.

Each year, friends, family and supporters are invited to attend the launch event where students have the opportunity to perform their songs and receive their TAFE certificates and Sir David Martin Scholarships.

David Kelly, the Sounds of the Street Music tutor likened each track to “ripened fruit, growing from our students’ creativity and life experience, which for many has included some BIG life challenges. In this way each song has its own story. I’m lucky to have been able to see them develop and mature to fruition throughout each semester.”

Other songs include ‘Last $20’, which is a light-hearted look at living below the poverty line, with rhymes about possible ways to spend your last $20. ‘R.I.P. Brother’ is a dedication to a cousin of one of the students who recently passed away, and ‘Self Meditate’ is a play on the phrase, ‘self-medicate’ and explores in a tongue in cheek way, the advantages of meditation and music for mental health and wellbeing.

The Sounds of the Street program is a 20 week TAFE accredited music course as part of Creative Youth Initiative, where students learn to compose, perform and record their own music. Students bring a wide range of life experience and skills to the course, with many facing significant life challenges and hardships. One common thread in all these young lives is the passion for creating original and honest music.  At the end of the program every year the students’ music is professionally mixed and mastered onto a CD and students perform their music at the CD launch.

We’d love you to join us in celebrating the students’ achievements. The album launch will be held on at 5pm on Feb 5th at the Red Rattler, 6 Faversham St, Marrickville.


You can listen to the full album online here!

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