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As always, the Triple Care Farm graduation was an incredibly moving ceremony of courage, determination and hard work. Each young graduate was honoured by one of their tutors with a beautiful acknowledgement of their strengths, to serve as a gentle reminder of how far they have come.

Lady Martin handed out their certificates of accomplishment, as the audience shared in the students' pride. One of the students, Matthew, reflected on his time at the Farm. He mentioned that the highlight for him is to now be able to be a lot calmer when difficult situations arise.

Other highlights for Matthew included finishing his Year 12, and getting to wake up, walk up the hill and see the beautiful view each morning. In a conversation with one of our staff, Matthew admitted that "Triple Care Farm has turned my life around; drug wise and family wise. I really can't say thank you enough."

We also caught up with Luke who spoke about his excitement and nerves in anticipation of the "big day". He was accompanied by his father and brother, who were so proud to be there with him to celebrate his biggest accomplishment to date—kicking an ice addiction that was threatening to take his life.

Luke took a few moments to thank supporters directly for the opportunity to turn his life around, in this short 1 minute video:

For those who were not able to be there this year, there is always next year. One thing is for sure—the magic that happens at Triple Care Farm graduation must be experienced! 

If you would like to receive a reminder for next year's graduation event, please email Maddy Dwyer on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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