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The death of a parent affects us at any age, but for John* and his family, it was devastating.

aunts-letter-thanks mainWithin a year of his mother's death, John was admitted to Triple Care Farm in a terrible state. Suffering from an undiagnosed mental health condition combined with his addiction to drugs and alcohol, John was very unwell.

John's aunt was doing her best but was unable to get through to him. His sister, Jackie*, was also suffering but her feelings of loss were for both her mother and the brother John use to be.

After 3 months at Triple Care Farm, John is now participating in the Farm's Stepping Out aftercare program which supports students as they integrate back into the community. John's aunt wrote a letter of thanks to the staff at Triple Care Farm.

"John is well and enjoying working on a farm in northern NSW. He looks good and seems more confident.

"The time at Triple Care Farm and all the people working there truly saved John's life. The love, care and unwavering support you all give to the kids on a daily basis is just incredible.

John arrived at Triple Care Farm during his darkest days but now remembers his time there as some of the happiest in his life.

"As a family, we are now donating to Sir David Martin Foundation. It will never repay your kindness but we hope it shows you how grateful we are for your support. We owe you so much."

This article was featured on the front page of our Autumn 2013 Aspire Newsletter.

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