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At fourteen years of age Erin*, like one million other Australians, was suffering from an eating disorder. However, behind the eating disorder Erin was struggling with a severe lack of confidence and low self-esteem.

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Erin's relationship with food became so unhealthy the sight of it was enough to make her physically ill. She soon became extremely thin and her worried mother decided to it was time to seek professional help.

In her search, Erin's mother discovered South West Youth Services (SWYS) - one of the programs that you support. The staff at SWYS recommended Erin join the Shine Program – a program which aims to empower young women and help them to recognise their own personal worth, purpose and strength.

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Through the Shine Program, Erin has been able to build her confidence, develop her self-esteem and strengthen her communication and leadership skills. As a result, her relationship with food has improved, she has gained new friendships, strengthened old ones and is motivated to do well at school. Erin recently sent a letter to staff at SWYS which spoke about how far she has come:

"Since the Shine Program I have gained heaps of confidence and learnt to shrug off bullies. I worry less about my looks and my grades have improved. I am more happy and healthy than ever before".


*name has been changed to protect student's identity

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