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Sir David Martin Foundations funds two Mission Australia programs that support young people. Read more about each program below.



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Read about some of the students from Triple Care Farm and how they turned their lives around.

young-people-sad-corridor thumbAre you or someone you know needing help? Read a bit more below about the three main Mission Australia programs we fund, to see which one might be best to help you.

We're here to support young people going through a tough time and facing all kinds of issues. Our programs can help if you're struggling with any of these problems:

    • Doing drugs or drinking in a problematic way
    • Being homeless or couch surfing
    • Suffering from a mental health condition like depression, anxiety or bi-polar
    • Thinking about suicide or self-harming
    • Feeling a bit lost
    • Struggling to get a job
    • Having problems at school
    • Things are tough at home
    • Getting in trouble with the police


Read about some of the young people who have been helped through the programs we fund.

category-imageFind out more below about our latest news and upcoming events to raise funds for our youth programs. 

Throughout the year, Sir David Martin Foundation runs several events to help us raise funds for the youth programs we fund. Check out some of our past and upcoming events below. 

TCF-students-2 thumb2Check out Sir David Martin Foundation's latest news and read some of the stories of the young people you've supported.


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Sir David Martin Foundation appreciates the support it receives from the community, corporate sector and motivated individuals who are passionate about providing young people with the confidence, skills and dedication to implement sustained change in their lives. If you would like to be part of this change for young people, here are some ways you can help. 

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We are very fortunate to have a passionate group of individuals who use their public profile and diverse backgrounds to help in the work that we do. Their generous efforts raise awareness of the Foundation and the programs we fund. 

Sir David Martin Foundation is a charitable trust run by a small team of staff that is overseen by a Board of Governors. The Trustee for Sir David Martin Foundation is Mission Australia.

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The Abseil for Youth is SDMF's major annual fundraising event. Participants get sponsored by friends and family to face their fears and abseil down a Sydney skyscraper.

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