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Sir David Martin Foundation is a family foundation, created in 1990 to help young Australians in crisis.

sirdavid-and-lady-martinWho we are

With a dream of “safety, hope and opportunity for all young Australians”, the late Governor of New South Wales, Sir David Martin, created Sir David Martin Foundation to help youth in crisis.

Lady Martin and the Martin family continue Sir David Martin’s legacy through the Foundation to this day.

As the major philanthropic  partner of Mission Australia, the Foundation has raised over $65M since 1990. This partnership has enabled best practice model of treatment for young people with drug and alcohol addiction.

The Foundation is the major funder of Mission Australia’s Triple Care Farm, a unique, holistic treatment centre which each year gives over 200 vulnerable young Australians, aged 16-24, a safe place to get well and prepare for new opportunities. 

The program is accredited by the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards and features three core components:

  • Residential Withdrawal (2-4 weeks)
  • Residential Rehabilitation (12 weeks)
  • Aftercare (6 months)

Our impact

On young people

  • Young people’s lives are saved moving from a high risk of suicide to seeing opportunities and building a brighter future (measured for 6 months after completing the program)
  • Safe housing - 92% of graduates maintained stable housing during the six months of aftercare
  • Empowered to independence - 79% of graduates are actively engaged in the community with 51% employed, 20% engaged in education and 8% in volunteer roles
  • Rebuilt self-esteem - with less than 14% return to chronic drug and alcohol use

On society

  • Participation in the programs keep vulnerable young people out of hospital and jail
  • Every $1 donated by our supporters creates $3 worth of social value
  • Treatment works, empowering vulnerable young people to find a healthy, productive life

Our vision, mission and values


To give safety, hope and opportunity to all vulnerable young Australians


Through philanthropy, we help young people in crisis by enabling best practice models of treatment for youth drug and alcohol addiction


Respect, Compassion, Generosity, Impact, Celebration

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One in 3 homeless young people say they are homeless because they are unable to afford housing costs or find work...

Homeless youth are much more likely to have alcohol and drug problems, mental illness and trouble with the law...

33% of youth aged 16 and 17 years have tried at least one type of illegal substance including; cannabis, hallucinogens, amphetamines, ecstasy, opiates or cocaine...

Over 100,000 Australians are homeless on any given night, of which at least 44,000 are aged 12 to 25...