From busking to 5 star hotels

From busking to 5 star hotels

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Joey and Pukz – from busking to 5 star hotels

Joey and Pukz

Two years after their own graduation, twin brothers Joey and Pukz returned to the stage at this year’s Sounds of the Street launch. Their performance was met with thunderous applause - showing the new graduates how much they can achieve if they put their minds to it.


From busking in stations to get by to playing support for Public Enemy, twin brothers Joey and Pukz have come a long way. The brothers enrolled in the Sounds of the Street program in 2009 and immediately impressed staff and other students with their raw musical talent and their dedication to changing their lives. Both had been homeless at times before the program and the only regular gig they had was busking in the tunnels of Central station.


The pair graduated in 2009 and were both awarded acoustic guitars through the Sir David Martin Foundation Scholarships to help them work towards a career in music. The brothers have put the guitars to good use and are now front runners in the band, the Leisure Bandits.


Together they head a talented band of five known for their high energy live performances and super catchy original tunes. They have travelled the world and recently returned from doing a gig in China, where they were put up in a 5 star hotel. This is a long way from their humble beginnings.


Joey is the lead singer and a keen songwriter. He continues to create songs inspired by his life experiences and the difficult times he has been through. He often arrives to practice sessions with a new track, inspired by the previous evening’s events, written on the back of a beer coaster.


Pukz is the lead guitarist and backup singer and offers the other voice of the outfit. After years of jamming together, the brothers have developed a sixth sense for musically reading the other's mind. They call it “Twintuition” and it ensures that when they hit the stage, their performances are seamless.


Since completing the program, Joey and Pukz have focused on developing their careers as musicians. The Leisure Bandits are now a regular at popular city venues like Opera Bar and the brothers’ musical skills and strong bond, means they continue to put on extraordinary live performances with high energy and plenty of surprises.


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